Skylight Vs LED Skylight Alternative: Make the Right Choice to Light up Your Home or Office

What do you understand by the term Skylights? Why is it compared to the skylight alternative LED lighting?  Although both the options have the same goal of lighting up your home, their techniques are quite different.

What is Skylight?

The skylight, also known as the tubular skylights or roof lights channelises the light of the sun into your home directly. Until the sun is available, the skylight offers natural lighting in your home. It can be a statement architectural piece or feature light, fashionable addition to your home.

skylight miranda sutherlandSkylight – Pros

The best part of Skylight is the natural light that it funnels into your home. Apart from the sunlight light flowing in directly into your house, it also allows natural dimming with overcast sky or sunset. There is a range of skylights and depending on the one you choose, it adds stunning aesthetics to your home.

Skylight – Cons

A skylight is a window that allows the sun rays to radiate light and heat into your home. When your home is already filled with around 25-35% of heat in the hot summer due to the rooftop space, do you really need more heat? The glazing can never prevent it completely.

With the natural daylight, UV radiation also becomes a regular part of your home when you opt for the skylight. The UV rays are harmful to your skin and also fade away the things and fabric that is constantly getting exposed to it. Another major drawback of skylight is the damage caused by a hailstorm. Your home gets severely affected in case of such natural calamities when you opt for skylights.

Often the rooftop structure restricts the placement of skylights. If you place it on the ground floor, it is not possible for the skylight to channelise the daylight into your multi-storeyed home or office. If the skylight has a single outlet for lighting, the placement of a new skylight will be expensive.

What is Skylight Alternative?

The solar LED skylight lighting products are the best skylight alternative. It doesn’t light up your home with direct sunlight or rather daylight. The intensity of the LED light changes with the radiation of solar energy. The traditional Skylight cannot fit the niche as the LED lights can do.

Whether you are looking to light up your upper storey rooms or illuminate the basement/garage, the solar LED lights can easily brighten up your space. On the contrary, the rectangular or tubular skylights will not fit the space. During the day, the skylight alternative draws up solar energy to provide lighting, and at night the mains electricity becomes the source of the extremely low voltage LED skylight alternative at home. So, you never have to worry about being in the dark.

Skylight Alternative – Pros

The LEDs are easy to install and requires minimal effort. They are versatile enough to be installed in any dark area of your home or office. The solar LEDs doesn’t produce any heat in your living space. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customised as per your needs. It allows dimming naturally and also manually as per your want.

Skylight Alternative – Cons

There are two disadvantages to skylight alternative. The skylight alternative cannot produce sunlight or channelise your home with natural daylight. There’s blue content in the solar LED skylight alternative that causes eyestrain. However, solar LED lights can be adjusted with warm colour shades.

Now, that you know both the skylight and the skylight alternative positives and negatives, you will agree that the solar LED is a better option for lighting up your home at all times. Shire Electrical is one of the leading names for offering solar LED skylight alternatives in your region. Visit us at for details.

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