A website is the central force of a business. It is the key component in the digital world. A website is the driving force for both organic and paid traffic. However, the significance of a website rests on a good SEO strategy and plan. You might have the best of web design, with advanced features and creativity but without SEO, your domain will lose out in the digital score arena. SEO is vital for driving traffic, generating leads and converting new, as well as, existing customers to long-term patrons of your business. Thus, your website should be optimised for the search engines or search engine optimisation (SEO) to drive favourable results. If you need web design Hurstville and / or SEO Hurstville services, you can get in touch with our experts at Oz Web Design Sydney.

Why is it important to develop and build an SEO friendly website?

There are numerous reasons to create an SEO friendly website. But the primary one is that a site optimised for the search engines enables the search engines to read, explore and index pages throughout a website and understand its content. The process allows search engines to make that particular site more visible in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Higher the SERPs ranking, better will be a website’s chance to be found by its target audience and drive the desired results. We at Oz Web Design Sydney help businesses and their websites to be found organically by the target audience. You can check out our web design Hurstville and SEO Hurstville services. We also offer Free Lifetime Tech Support for all websites we build and host. All website we build are using content management system, and we provide free face to face training on using the content management system. However, we understand you may not great with computer and need a hand from time to time. You are in safe hand when you have your website done by Oz Web Design Sydney, as we provide free lift time tech support. If you need a hand with website maintenance, you can call us and we will guide you through or we will meet and provide you with face to face training again and again as you needed

What goes into building a search engine friendly website?

Designing and developing an SEO friendly website calls for a proper planning process and a structure-oriented approach. The goal is to represent your venture and services to your target audience.

  • Get a domain that makes a true sense of your business. The domain should be relatable to the services you provide. Make sure that the subdomains and variants direct appropriately to the primary site.
  • Next course of action is the hosting part. A slow site is a result killer. Make sure to choose a powerful hosting service provider that offers top performance to your website. One of the key element is to have your website hosting in Australia. (Talk to us about your hosting needs, our top performance dedicated server is located in Melbourne.)
  • Make sure that your website is easily comprehensible and crawlable by the search engines, especially Google.
  • The user friendly navigation structure is the next part of creating an SEO friendly website. The site should be well-structured, with a proper functional navigation.
  • Have a mobile friendly website design. It is crucial because 80% users browse the internet through their smartphones and other handheld mobile devices. Creating AMP or accelerated mobile pages and optimising the same with mobile-SEO, will help in acquiring a large chunk of the potential audience to your website.

If you need web design Hurstville or SEO Hurstville services for your website, get in contact with us now. We help businesses generate top SEO results, build long-term relationships with their customers and get them on top of search engines. You can rest assure that your website are in safe hand with free lifetime tech support.

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