Finding Marquee Hire in the Sydney Area

There are lots of companies providing marquee hire in all areas of Sydney. The popularity of marquees for such occasions as weddings, personal events and company events has intended that some companies be offering their services additional afield or new tent hire companies were setup in some areas of Sydney to deal with demand.

There are lots of ways of finding excellent quality marquees in the Sydney. You can search for local providers in related magazines, take ideas from friends and family or search on the internet. The best way in my opinion for finding localised hire companies is through using marquee hire web site directories. By way of using web site directories, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for, review the company’s location, view their web site and call them for a quotation.

Marquee Hire Services and products

Other hire companies specialise in other products and services, however most be offering the Four major types of marquee hire, such as:

  1. Corporate Marquee Hire
  2. Wedding Marquee Hire
  3. Party Marquee Hire
  4. In house Marquee Hire

1. Corporate Marquee Hire

This type of marquee is designed for company occasions such as promotional events for business and trade. Generally this type of marquee is white in color, however some hire companies offer other colors depending upon the nature of your company event.

Marquees are perfect for company events because they provide a number of advantages over different kinds of event venue. As an example marquees may also be expanded in size and form both by including adjoining canopies or additional smaller marquees. That is of particular use should you alternate the structure of your company event to deal with additional seating or want space for caterers to prep meals service. Other advantages come with the proven fact that corporate marquees provide a good impression of your corporate as being a modern, forward thinking corporate and will also give the impression that your organisation is larger then it actually is.

2. Wedding Marquee Hire

Wedding marquees were popular for a few years and there may be still few better venues to choose from than a marquee for weddings and reception parties. Marquees allow all of your wedding party to be inside one communal space, that means you can see all your friends and family around you. This is helping create a friendly and memorable environment at your wedding.

Marquees are perfect for wedding venues as a result of they allow you to personalise your big day right down to the last element. You can simply plan the whole thing from the layout of seating, staging, the location of your disco or entertainment, floral arrangements, lighting fixtures and background music when hiring a wedding marquee.

3. Party Marquee Hire

Marquees are suitable for a wide variety of events from formal events such as graduation ceremonies, wedding reception events and Christmas staff parties to informal family events such as 18th birthday celebrations and home-comings.

Hiring a party marquee to your family gathering or work related party is a smart thought as it gives you a venue space that you can personalise to your event. With the use of disco lighting, internal décor and visual displays you can easily transform marquees into party themed venue of your very own. As well as through hiring a disc jockey or a are living band or comic you can keep your party visitors entertained inside your party marquee venue.

A party marquee can simply be expanded in shape or portioned off to allow for party chill-out areas, cloakrooms or areas for party catering staff to arrange and serve food and drinks.

4. In house Marquee Hire

If you have an indoor area in a company warehouse and that you are intending to use for an event such an annual conference or a business awards evening, you can easily transform your indoor area with in house marquees into a professional looking event venue. By way of using the versatility of marquees inside a warehouse or large barn you can create a more visually pleasing environment for business and family occasions.

By using in house marquees you can hide the industrial look or a warehouse ceiling and floor, by erecting a marquee inside it, then by joining the in house marquee entrance to the front of the barn or warehouse, you’ll further enhance you event venue. Guests attending your event will soon forget that they are in a warehouse and will be fooled into thinking they are inside of a marquee.

Marquee Hire Directories

By way of using marquee hire directories to find local marquee hire companies near you, you can easily and briefly locate and contact skilled hire companies. Directories list marquee companies in Sydney areas and generally in alphabetical order making your search as easy as possible. Most marquee directories have a wealth of additional details about marquees and the kinds of events that they’re most suited for.

To search out marquee hire services and products in Sydney, Marquee 4 Hire is a smart place to go.

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