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Aim at Your Preferred School with Master Coaching’s Selective High School Tutoring

Are you targeting a particular school and wish to appear for selective high school placement test? Whether it is in Year 7 or between Year 8 -12, this multiple-choice or MCQ test in maths, reading, a 20-minute written section, and general ability needs a focused preparation. Unfortunately, schools cannot fully focus on these gifted children amidst several others. It is very important to acquire a proper guidance and supervision under qualified and experienced tutor Sydney.

Master Coaching is one of the most trusted with over 17 years experience in tutoring Sydney. They have Google review of 4.8 with over 100 reviews that show our trustworthy with the students. Our tutors Sydney are experienced in dealing with the children and understands how to motivate and encourage them to work harder to achieve their goals. We offer small groups tutoring that help the students to be comfortable and come out with their queries without any kind of apprehensions.

Primary School Tutoring

We are extremely proud of our primary school tutor Sydney professionals who have extensive knowledge and patience to deal with the small children and design programs according to their capacity to absorb knowledge. Our primary school tutoring program aims to prepare the student for their selective school entry from the very beginning. We recognize, appreciate, and reinforce the base of the primary school students and offer a solid foundation for their learning journey ahead.

OC Class Exam Preparation Tutoring

Our opportunity class tutoring program is one of its kind. The OC class test open for the student in Year 4 and Year 5 for their selective entry in Year 5 and 6 is a crucial one. Our OC class tutor Sydney works along with the students to develop their problem solving, reasoning, vocabulary, and extensive general ability skills. We help the students to set exam strategies and enhance their cognitive load and time management skills.

Selective High School Exam Tutoring

The selective high school exams are based on English, Maths, and General Ability. Our selective high school tutoring program enables the students not just in facing the questions confidently but also help them learn how important is time, when you are appearing for the selective high school test. Our tutor Sydney help the students learn the techniques of answering and guide them to adopt a systematic approach that can give them an edge over the other students.

Special Classes for Students that Attending Selective High School

For the talented and gifted students who get through the selective high school, we offer special selective high school tutoring classes. This enables the students to becomes familiar with the upcoming tests and help them work with the writing criteria to achieve high marks. Our special tutor Sydney for selective high school tutoring classes guides the students to learn stress management, time management, build their self-esteem, and help them gain mastery in whatever they do.

Year 7 – 10 Tutoring

Our experienced Year 7-10 tutor Sydney offer individual attention to each student and deal with student-specific problems to help the students achieve excellent results. The tutors indulge in activity-based and interactive learning to make the class interesting and motivating. There is a continuous analysis of each student with weekly tests and homework, making them a pro when they finally appear for the exams. The selective high school tutoring programs and modules are also covered to some extent.

HSC Tutoring

The challenges of HSC are easily managed by our students under the guidance of our able tutor Sydney who are experts not only in HSC but the entire Australian university system. Our HSC tutors are State rankers in their subjects, and 90% are on the HSC all-rounders list. They competently help you get the most out of your HSC year.

HSC English

If you are facing problems in understanding advanced English in your Year 11 and 12, Master Coaching’s tutor Sydney guides the students to explore and learn various texts that include broadly recognized quality literature and contemporary societies of the past. The qualified HSC English tutor Sydney help the students achieve Band 6 in English subject.

HSC Maths

The Master Coaching HSC Maths tutor Sydney help the student tackle any problem that may come up. The students are prepared in a fun learning environment to help them overcome their fears. The HSC Maths teachers are always available when the student face any difficulty.

HSC Chemistry

We have highly qualified HSC Chemistry tutor Sydney. The ex-lecturer at UTS and UNSW are a part of Master Coaching HSC Chemistry tutor Sydney group. Manipulating chemical systems to understanding and utilizing them, the students are thoroughly trained in the respective subject within able guidance.

HSC Biology

Master Coaching’s HSC Biology tutor Sydney do not just delve into theory-oriented modules in Biology. We help the students to understand the deeper aspects of the subject and help them gain a comprehensive knowledge.

HSC Physics

The HSC Physics tutoring at Master Coaching is unsurpassed and the students are supervised by some of the best Physics tutors Sydney has on offer.

HSC Economics

We have a team of highly qualified HSC Economics tutor Sydney offering both HSC and selective high school tutoring programs. Our tutors share their extensive knowledge and exceptional practices with the students to help them achieve top results.

HSC Business Study

We help the students understand how the practical and the theoretical aspects of the business combination. Master Coaching has highly qualified HSC business study tutors who help the students with the thorough understanding of the subject.


Our HSC PDHPE tutor Sydney takes an effective approach in helping out the student with their personal development, health, and physical education through our personalized course modules.

Creative Writing Course

Whether you wish to write for a career or for pleasure or to enhance your essay writing skills in school exams, our creative writing expert tutor Sydney has an amazing wealth of creativity to share. Develop your creativity with our creative writing courses.

Workshop For Helping High School Students With English And Maths

Master Coaching offers advanced English and Maths workshops for the high school students who lag behind. Our tutor Sydney carefully designs workshop modules to enhance the fluency, reasoning, creative writing, and problem-solving skills.

From ATAR of 99.8 holders to highly skilled professionals, Master Coaching tutors at Sydney makes the students journey confident and smooth. We have tutored several students who went on to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, finance professionals, and successful professionals. Master Coaching tutor Sydney professionals are highly competent in their subject areas and offers various tutoring programs.

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