Benefits of Marquee Hire For Outdoor Weddings

There are lots of benefits of hiring a marquee for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception party. The main benefit is marquee provides a classy cover which provides safe haven from unpredictable weather conditions, such as robust winds, sun and rainfall.

Some other folks choose to rent a marquee for their wedding reception, while others hold the entire wedding ceremony day inside the marquee. They are going to hold the entirety from the wedding day lunch, wedding ceremony, the speeches, wedding reception meal and even the party afterward. They are going to only mission outdoor for the wedding images.

Hiring a temporary structure like a marquee allows you to select and choose what you do for your wedding day. If the weather is just right, then you may move the ceremony outdoor or take the pictures inside if it rains.

Some people choose to erect their wedding ceremony marquee within the grounds of a resort, giving the resort the responsibility of organising the foods, furnishings, flower arrangements, developing themed decor or even ‘putting up’ the family members. This is an ideal solution when setting up a big wedding ceremony with masses or guests. Thus giving you extra time to relax and enjoy your special occasion.

An added benefit of positioning your wedding ceremony marquee next to a resort is your guests might take advantage of the motels facilities, car park and stay in the resort afterward.

While those that are lucky enough to have get right of entry to to a big lawn, suitable for a marquee, make a choice to organise each and every remaining element themselves. This will likely seem a more stressful and time consuming option, but it surely does allow for much more freedom to create a more bespoke wedding ceremony experience.

Setting up a marquee inside of your own backyard allows for ‘on the fly’ adjustments, as an example, the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can move indoors or if extra guests arrive than anticipated, you can accommodate them inside of your house. Additionally if your caterers let you down, you can organise additional meals yourselves easily.

Different Types of Wedding Ceremony Marquee

There are 2 main types of marquee available for rent in the marketplace today, the primary and the most typical type of marquee is known as ‘clear-span’. Transparent-span marquees are mainly very large tents that wouldn’t have the need for ropes or steel support strutures. This means their interiors are clean from poles and frame work.

The main benefit of that is that you’ve the freedom to organise the interior area at your wedding ceremony marquee, without being restricted to what goes where. The place as, should you were hiring a function room, you can be restricted by way of the owners or the shape and size of the venue.

The 2nd type of marquee available for hire, is known as a ‘spring top marquee’, they have a tendency to be both octagonal or hexagonal in shape. The primary use for formed marquees is as a secondary marquee which can be used for caterers who need food preparation spaces, as a cloakroom or a garage area for a band. They can also be used as an alternative to conventional marquees when a special shaped marquee option is needed to have compatibility into the desired area.

Setting up Wedding Ceremony Marquees

When setting up marquee hire for a wedding you will have to come to a decision what number of guests you are inviting, what furnishings, staging and décor you require, to be able to figure out what size marquee you wish to have to hire.

Different components which might be vital when arranging your marquee are, the location of your wedding ceremony, the time of year, whether or not you require furnishings hire, audio / visible equipment hire and whether or not you want a mobile DJ. Most of these things are vital as they have a direct impact upon the marquee hire decision.

If you’re having your wedding ceremony in mid-summer, then it’s much more likely that you will wish to book your marquee hire 6 months or more ahead if not an year in advance of the date of your wedding ceremony.

It’s because a lot more weddings are held all over the summer season and marquee hire companies is also fully booked for the months in advance. Christmas themed marquee hire is always a hot topic.

That is not to mention that marquees are not hired all over the winter, as rental companies supply indoor heating in colder season of the year.

Wedding ceremony marquees are usually erected a few days earlier than your wedding ceremony day and can be packed away straight after, so be sure to allow for this if you find yourself booking wedding ceremony marquee venue.

Some marquee hire companies dedicate their time to offering the most efficient marquee hire service and leave other things like catering and furnishings hire up to you to organise. Different companies offer the entire package, from event planning, themed fittings design, flower arrangements, catering services, furniture hire, mobile DJ or live band entertainment, stage hire and much more.

If you’re on the lookout for a marquee hire company in the Sydney, Marquee 4 Hire can assist with tent hire, catering, light up furniture, decoration and more.

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