Creating a business page on Facebook for your business

Would you like to promote your business on Facebook? Facebook isn’t just for school kids. Facebook has been quickly gaining a much older demographic while it continues to hold on to its younger user base. The ability to create a Facebook profile for your business allows unprecedented interactivity with your customers and potential customers.

However, Before you campaign on Facebook, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is Facebook page really going to add any real value to my business?”
  2. How are we going to attract potential customers on Facebook?
  3. Are we going to use Facebook to listen to the needs or criticisms of your customers?
  4. Do we have the resources in order to manage our Facebook profile effectively?

If your answer to the above are YES, then we have a few quick tips to help you create a Facebook page and promote your business on Facebook.

Firstable, you need to create a personal Facebook profile at Your personal Facebook profile is used for the set up and you will be the super administrator of the Facebook business page. As the administrator your name will not appear anywhere on the page.

Once you have a Facebook profile. Visit

For business choose Brand, Products & Organisations, pick a category which suits your business.

Business name. You can enter your Business Name if you wish, but for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) purposes make sure you use your most important keywords within the page name as this is one crucial factor for your page to be picked up by search engines. BE AWARE, once page is created, the page name cannot be changed!

Hit “Create official page.”

When you get to the next screen, you will be able to “Upload an Image“, add your business logo, product photo or upload the best image that easily highlights what your business does.

Go to “Provide some basic information” and click on ‘Edit Page’. Add information about your business on the info tab. You may also include your business web address, short description of the business (use important keywords within the text for SEO purposes) and your business contact details. This can be edited in the future.

Hit the ‘Save Changes’ button to unleash your page.  At this time, your business profile is already accessible through Facebook.

For further information on how to promote your Facebook page, get found on Facebook and engage customers and prospects in special features and content, contact us.

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