Spamming the search engine

In recent years, the terms White-hat and Black-hat separates the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry.

White-hat methods are generally approved by the search engines and tend to produce results that last a long time; whereas Black-hat SEO uses tactics that is against the search engines’ terms of service such as spamming the search engines; attempt to redirect search results to particular target pages. This anticipates that their sites may eventually be Blacklisted either temporarily or permanently by search engines.

There are several things, considered ” Black-hat”, that you should never try when trying to achieve better listings.

  1. Keywords unrelated to site – use any keywords in your keywords meta tag that do not directly relate to the content of your page.
  2. Keyword stuffing – list keywords anywhere except in your keywords meta tag. By “list” we mean something like –  keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, etc.
  3. Keyword stacking
  4. Redirects
  5. Tiny Text
  6. Doorway pages
  7. Link Farms
  8. Cloaking – Use the same color text on your page as the page’s background color. This has often been used to keyword stuff a web page
  9. Hidden text
  10. Domain Spam
  11. Hidden links
  12. Typo spam and cyber squatting
  13. Mirror/duplicate content -submit identical pages. For example, do not duplicate a page of your site, give the copies different file names, and submit each one. Search engines can detect this and view it as spam.

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